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Diploma Theses

Date of exhibition June 5th – June 30th 2019
Martin Martinček Gallery, Profil Gallery

Diploma theses of students from the Department of Photography and New Media of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
Exhibition curator: doc. Mgr. Art Silvia Saparová ArtD

The Department of Photography and New Media provides the teaching process for photographic media in connection to independent fine art. The teaching concept at this department aims to combine the study of analogue and digital photography, computer programs, new technologies and video. The basic unit of teaching consists of three studios where the main emphasis is on the principle of individual and independent creation reflecting current contemporary art content within the photographic medium, often crossing its boundaries in the direction of multimedia processes.
Lea Kálazi and Kristína Káziková from the Photography, Reality, Construction Studio led by, docent Mgr. art Jana Hojstričová, ArtD., and special assistant, Mgr. Art. Olja Triaška Sefanović ArtD.
Filip Drábek, Alžbeta Frajková and Sara Sarvašová from the Studio About Photography, led by docent Mgr. Art. Silvia Saparová ArtD. and special assistant Mgr. art.Dominika Ličková ArtD.
Lea Kálazi
I proceed from more or less real experiences. These experiences have become my impulse of defiance against the social behaviour of the present time and its values. I ask questions about the structure of contemporary man and his way of existence, as well as about to what he attributes value (material and spiritual).
Kristína Káziková
The Detox
This work is focused on the textile industry, which has had a long-term negative impact on the natural environment and ourselves. The purpose of this work is to clarify the information given on our clothing labels.
Filip Drábek
My thesis is based on memories passed from generation to generation. I return to places and visualize references to my ancestors from the last century. By using the photographic medium, I think back to what I have not experienced.
Alžbeta Frajková
#identity of generation
This work is a probe into the specific issues regarding relations within the present generation. I depict the lives of young people creating a multicultural coexistence in contemporary society, based on communication in the digital space.
Sara Sarvašová
Vulgaris is a type of personal therapy and, at the same time, an authentic look at cosmetic divergence. The photographs question the fabricated illusion of “normal” and at the same time support self-acceptance and the general acceptance naturalness.