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Maria del Mar Agüera Llinàs /ES/ – Visionaires

9.1. – 3.3.2019

These images contain a zest of ancient past, a memory of the first ever erotic photographs from the end of the 19. century and the beginning of the 20. century. Theaters then could easily be confused with photogaphic studios that were arising in London and Paris during those times. Draperies, columns, vases and even the furniture seem like ancient objects. And the models are surrounded by a little cloud of intangable chimera undoubtedly caused by the texture of photography and ingenious colours that the author conforms to her will. Suddenly, however, we notice a fastfood wrapping, earphones, rollerskates…all of it objects of day-to-day life. Items that absolutely don’t fit into such a thought-through composition. And it’s precisely this that the viewer is uncertain about, that makes him look at the photographs once again, in order to discover a new point of view of the familiar topic. The author doesn’t invite us to think about serious topics, because it’s unnecessary. She flatters the viewer. She knows the rules of the game and she combines them with a dose of exhuberant presence, careless suggestions. In the shaker that is her photographs, she mixes the trivialities of everyday life with girl-mates and spices it up with her knowledge of art history. The result is juicy, captivating, mischievously naïve. The viewer leaves this exhibition relaxed as though they just closed a picture album full of old photographs.