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Stano Pekár - Totálna fotografia
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Stano Pekár - Totálna fotografia

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One of the most significant representatives of the Slovak amateur photography Stano Pekár was born in 1938 in Unín, in the Western region of Slovakia – Záhorie. after his studies at the technical College of Chemistry, he worked as a chemist in Výskumný ústav káblov a izolantov (research institute of Cables and insulators) in Bratislava. He started photography in the second half of the sixties. after taking his first photographs of the streets (1968) at the end of the sixties Pekár drew attention to himself with his abstract art photographs. Before the middle of the seventies he went back to the documentary and created his most mesmeric series (Boxers, Quarters, Záhorie Feast, Picnic, Girls from Rudava). Most of these photographs develop Pekár´s own variant of the so-called total photography, document of the indecisive moment, where it is not about catching the aesthetic high point of the moment, but more about some kind of its more direct, more complex experience. The format of Pekárlike photography was therefore always more of the photography cycles than the photo-solitaires. During the seventies and the eighties was Pekár also an important functionary and the centripetal force of a photography club and social life. He was a member of the Photography Club of the Pko, the initiator of the Photoclub Q. He organized meetings and get togethers within the Czechoslovak photography at his mill in Studienka – Záhorie. He always liked discussing photography and not only at Photo tribunes. Since 1989 takes Pekár photographs only rarely. He is devoted to the eco-design and woodwork. Petra Hanáková

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