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Month of Photography Masterclass: How to Capture Mood and Atmosphere in Your Photo

image014How to Capture Mood and Atmosphere in Your Photo
Lecturer: Mustafa Dedeoğlu
Date:  5. 11. 2017
Price: 100 eur
Number of participants: max 12
Place: Stredoeurópsky dom fotografie, Prepoštská 4, Bratislava
Contact: Mgr. Veronika Paštéková, 0905 127 185, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Payment options:

Bank transfer

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Mustafa Dedeoğlu is one of the most famous Turkish street photographers. He was born in Istanbul, in 1978. his creations the artist prioritizes composition, the story, that he aims to tell, emotional value of the image and its aesthetic qualities. Mustafa Dedeoğlu has been displaying his art in Russia, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, FYROM, Greece, United States, Romania, Lithuania, Iran, Serbia, Poland, Chezch Republic, Montenegro, Belarus and France.

Topic of the masterclass
It is often difficult for photographers to reflect the mood and atmosphere of a moment.
Mustafa Dedeoğlu under various headings; both the theoretical and the simple technical knowledge will give you information about reflecting the atmosphere you create in your photographs. He will talk about both personal photographic journey and share his thoughts about taking photographs from his experiences.


Program of masterclass:
Introduction of author, Mustafa Dedeoğlu's personal photography journey and the point of view of the photo (with video).

Techniques and proffesional advice
-How to Capture Mood and Atmosphere in Your Photos
-Spontaneous (Candid) or Posed
-Consider the Lighting
-Using-Camera Flash and ISO
-Use a Wide Aperture
-Show the Setting and Environment
-Capturing Emotions
-Bringing out the Textures
-Editing Your Photos
-The Film Look and Experimenting with Black and White

Portfolio reviewing

image009       image010

Artist Statement:

Street photography has been my main path as a photographer. It presents amazing opportunities of coincidences and conditions blending into impressive narration. I think of my photos as means of story telling rather than mere reporting. Taking photos for me is a way of self-expression, understanding how I see myself and the world around me, the way I feel about it. It is also the joy of surprise, new chances, new beginning, new impressions, new arrangements, new people, new relationships, new stories. Notion of style to me associates with reflection of the author 's personality and individual worldview in each and every photo he takes rather than with a series of photos in similar visual representation, or taken with same technique. When looking for my next photo, I am looking for its emotional value, feelings that it may evoke in the viewer. In the process of shooting I, first of all, focus on composition, with indispensable emphasis on aesthetic side of the image - another concept that I value. It is essential for me that people, who I take photos of, with or without their permission, feel good about themselves when they view their photos. Same is valid for the outside viewer. With all my appreciation of sincerity and genuineness, I strongly believe that art can help man transform, acquire confidence and tools for self realization and expression. Only then he can be free in society and in spirit. I am inspired by black and white, I believe it conveys complexity of the visual story is street photography the best, allows to concentrate on image itself bringing out the importance of composition. Black and white image has more drama too. Although, I do enjoy shooting with color as well, in cases where I find its visual domination appropriate - when I want to highlight certain elements in the image or emphasize something natural or vivid. For display, I usually work with 30x40cm or 50x70cm prints, however I may chose a larger scale presentation when the story that the image represents is better perceived as a bigger print, this is often case when I want to emphasize importance of surroundings, environment, space. Lately, I have been working on a couple of photography essays. I feel extremely happy to have had opportunities to exhibit one of these projects titled "Timeless City İstanbul and Faces" in various countries. It is my intention to continue sharing my work with photography lovers worldwide.

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