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Is the first complete encyclopedia on the history of photography of the 20th century.
The History of European Photography (1900-2000) is an international participatory research project of a pan-European size divided into three volumes / periods, volume 1 – 1900-1938, volume 2 – 1939-1969, volume 3 – 1970-2000.

Each volume of the final encyclopedia will be organized alphabetically by countries (35 countries alltogether). A study on each country photography history will be written by an expert on photography from that country (more than 50 experts cooperating). Alongside with main studies, each book will contain a rich additional material, biographies of mentioned photographers, timetables marking cultural, social-political and technical-photographic events in each country for a given period. Indexes of each book will be of two kinds, indexes of mentioned photographers and indexes of other historical names and subjects. The project is coordinated by Prof. Václav Macek, a chairman of FOTOFO association, a professor at the University of Performing Arts, Bratislava, a director of Month of Photography festival, Bratislava.

Our primary goal is to fill in a gap in the theory of photography. The prepared encyclopaedia on history of European photography will be the first of its kind. While all existing publications on this topic focus only on leading countries in European photography, such as France, Great Britain or Germany, omitting more than half of the continent, we are offering a complete overview of photography development in the 20th century from Iceland to Russia and from Scandinavia to Mediterranean countries.
This 3-volume publication should also set an essential background for a future scientific research on a pan-European level in this field.

The first volume of the encyclopedia was officially released on the 26th of January 2011 and is NOW ON SALE!

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Denmark, Greece, Slovakia, Spain

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