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Joanna Vasdeki a Jeff Vanderpool / GR-USA/ Views from Athens 4.- 29.10.2017


Athens is a city in flux, and this perpetual change unfolds everyday in front of our eyes. One could easily say it is a city with multiple identities, but in a strange way it is also a city with a very singular identity that distinguishes it from other cities. It is simultaneously a city that suffers and a cityin regeneration. An ugly city and a beautiful city.

Igor Grossmann/ SK / Children 1964 4. - 29.10.2017
Children 1964 is a selection from a series by Igor Grossmann capturing the lives of children in Slovakia, especially in Žilina and its surroundings, between the years 1963 and 1966.This exhibition has been created as a cooperation between the Central European House of Photography and Anna Schirlbauer, the photographer's daughter.
Crisia Miroiu / Rumenia / Unseen Cities, , Disclaimer 6.9. - 1.10.2017


    The ‘Unseen Cities’ series explores the way in which we ‘see’ a landscape, delving into the relationship between: the physical reality of a landscape as it can be seen with the naked eye, the appearance of a landscape as it can be seen through the lens, and, ultimately, the appearance of a landscape as it can be seen after capture.

JÖRG RUBBERT JÜRGEN BÜRGIN / Germany/ 6.9. - 1.10.2017


– Street Photography after Dark –


Slovakia through the eyes of the photographers from the Bilderberg agency. 12.7. - 3.9.
There are no translations available.

Slovakia through the eyes of the photographers from the Bilderberg agency.
The Unknown Slovakia – exhibition presents works of photographers of the renowned Bilderberg agency from Hamburg, whose founder is the Slovak Andrej Reiser, and the only member who was not living in Germany was  another Slovak, Karol Kállay. The Bilderberg agency consisted of leading photographers; from its inception it has been obvious that with its distinctive conception and approach to photography it is not a common photographic agency. Its members have worked for the world's most prestigious magazines and several of them have won prizes at The World Press Photo Award.

Martina Šimkovičová - 1988. 30.5 - 4.6.2017
There are no translations available.

Čo vám hovorí 1988? Je to rok, v ktorom ste narodili? Rok nezabudnuteľnej zimnej olympiády v Calgary?

Iné svety- Different Worlds 19.4. -23.5.2017
There are no translations available.

Odlišné svety. Mladá súčasná fotografia juhovýchodnej Európy

Lana Bregar | Jaka Bulc | Dejan Clement | Mia Ćuk | Vedad Divović | Ibro Hasanović | Sanja Knežević Jovanović | Andrea Palašti | Tina Umer

Kurátor: Jasna Jernejšek

19. apríl – 25. máj 2017

Ivo Karásek /SK/CZ/ Cesty- 24 zastavení 19.4. - 21.5.2017
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V dnešnej uponáhľanej, chaotickej dobe sa ustavične naháňame odniekiaľ niekam, hnaní „povinnosťami“, s hlavou plnou myšlienok na to, čo všetko musíme, nesmieme, mali by sme, nemali by sme... Žijeme v neustálom zhone, strese a strácame kontakt so životom, s jeho skutočnou podstatou.

Ivo Karásek Journes-24 stop overs /SK/CZ/ 19.4. - 21.5.2017


Dokumenty a reportáže 1989- 2016 1.3. - 16.4.2017
There are no translations available.

Dokumenty a reportáže 1989 - 2016

Práce študentov oddelenia úžitkovej fotografie na Škole úžitkového výtvarníctva Josefa Vydru v Bratislave.

Žilvinas Glušinskas/ LT / Japan /Japin 1.3.- 16.4.2017


Žilvinas Glušinskas is a Lithuanian photographer who primarily works in the area of analog photography. In the last few years, he has been working with alternative prints, such as cyanotype, gum bichromate or lith-print. He uses self-made pinhole cameras for his works. Photos for Japan/Japin series have been taken using one of many pinhole cameras the photographer owns.

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